My name is Caleb Troy. I am a Photographer & Digital Artist from Pittsburgh, currently living in Richmond, VA . I am 20 years old and I am a sophomore at the University of Richmond. Aside from being a full time student, I am a Young Life College Leader and am on the Varsity Men's Tennis team. When I'm not doing one of those things I'm either sleeping, hanging out with friends, and maybe taking photos or making art. 

Most importantly, Jesus is my Lord and Savior. He is my best friend, and his love and grace are the best things I have ever experienced in my life. I can imagine my life without knowing Jesus, because I lived it for quite a few years. Jesus is slowly restoring my heart and that gives me so much joy. My heavenly Father inspires me to create and indulge in his creation. 

Reach out to me and say hello! I'd love to hear your story!