Scott & Olga

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of shooting my first wedding with Rodger Obley Photography. I got to spend the day capturing a beautiful wedding and celebration for Scott and Olga. Here are some of my favorites from the day:


A few days back I had an awesome shoot with Sam downtown, and here are a few of my favorites from the shoot!

Day 2 - Sleepless in the PNW

The second day of our Northwest adventure, Saturday July 5th was easily one of my favorite days of the trip.

The day started by meeting up with Vadim and Nathaniel, and heading to the Columbia River Gorge Area for some exploring. 

We started the day at the Oneonta Gorge, climbing over huge piles of logs, and soaking our feet in frigid water to see the gorge (pictured below):

Nathaniel in the Oneonta Gorge

Nathaniel in the Oneonta Gorge

After seeing the gorge, we headed back to the trailhead for a soaked shoe hike up to Triple Falls. The hike wasn't long, but it was pretty steep and filled with a lot of switchbacks. Upon reaching the Triple Falls though it was definitely well worth it. 

Go Pro Selfie taking ensued and we enjoyed an hour or so at the top of Triple Falls

Once we made our way down from Triple Falls, we were planning on meeting up with Dmitriy, along with Veronica and Sam, in an attempt to surprise Nathaniel, who hadn't seen them in a long time.

In a failed attempt to keep Nathaniel from knowing we drove past the three of them heading to the vista house and they were driving the opposite direction. Given the fact that Nathaniel is the most observant person I have ever met, of course he saw them in their car and started screaming their names.

So from there we all made our way up to the Vista house and trespassed on a posted ridge, which we later got yelled at for by some man in a volunteer vest. 

But of course we got another epic go pro selfie courtesy of Vadim, and it's one of my favorite pictures from the trip. We were all feet from the sheer cliff face which made it that much cooler

From here we all headed to get lunch at an awesome grilled cheese truck in downtown portland, and made plans to head to the coast. 

But before we could head to the coast, Veronica departed for home in Seattle, and Sam informed us about a wedding he needed to attend, but he didn't have a dress shirt for it yet.

Fortunately for him the wedding was exactly on our route to Pacific City on the coast, and after we got him a white dress shirt and dropped him off we were on our way to the coast for sunset. 

After an unfortunate 30 min detour due to a bridge closure we finally arrived at Pacific City. We wandered and climbed the rocky coast, saw a whale, and witnessed an epic sunset.

I had a fun little slide down one of the parts of the rocky coast, and managed to escape with only a few scrapes and zero damage to my D610. 

Me on the Cape Kiwanda rock taken by Nathaniel

Me on the Cape Kiwanda rock taken by Nathaniel

Even the walk back to the car after sunset was incredible. It was the day after the 4th of July and families still lined the beach, setting off fireworks and sitting by their camp fires. The fireworks were reflecting off of the water and wet sand.

It was a beautiful ending to a day that felt like something out of a movie. 

Stay tuned for Day 3 of the adventure tomorrow!

Sleepless in the PNW

I have been MIA on the whole blogging thing since May, but life has been crazy for me!

And in the best way possible.

Recently, July 4th - 11th I had the opportunity to fly out to Portland, Oregon and go on a road trip adventure throughout the Pacific Northwest. We made our way from Portland, to the coast, up to Washington, the Olympic Peninsula, down to Seattle, Mt. Rainier and then back to Portland to fly home.

Ill split the blog posts about the trip in to a few different posts to come in the next few days. 

Day 1, July 4th:

On the 4th of July, Kate and I flew in to Portland and made our way downtown, and then to the International Rose Test Gardens to meet up with Nathaniel and Ryan. After a bit of visiting, Kate, Nathaniel and I made our way to Hoyt Arboretum to wander amongst the giant trees.

Our adventure in Hoyt led us to some incredible Redwood Trees and the most giant clovers I have ever seen in my life. 

Hoyt Arboretum, Red wood Trails

Hoyt Arboretum, Red wood Trails

From there we made our way back downtown where we walked around with a few new friends, John and Sharon and took in the city while we waited to see Fireworks and check out a Blues Festival on the Riverfront.

Turns out we didn't see any fireworks and the line to get in to the blues festival was 2 hours long. What we did get was an awesome group shot that should be an album cover, if we were ever to start a band

John, Nathaniel, Me, Kate

John, Nathaniel, Me, Kate

After a delicious "Philly" Cheesesteak sandwich from Tilt, and what felt like 20 miles of walking around downtown, Kate and I made our way back to where we were staying and caught a few fireworks driving over a bridge leaving downtown. 

It was a great 4th of July, full of great fellowship, stories about Paris Hilton (courtesy of John), endless walking, and as you can see, killer 4th of July apparel. 

Tomorrow I'll post about the second day of our trip, so stay tuned. 





Socality Live & Banff National Park

This past weekend I had the opportunity to fly to Calgary, AB, Canada and attend Socality Live. 

For those of you wondering what socality is, here is a little snippet from their website:

"Socality is committed to bringing the heartbeat of God to humanity. We all want to be known and loved. Traditionally, the mindset has been that you must believe, then behave in order to belong. However, Socality is bringing it all back to the basics, the central theme of Jesus. We believe that you DO belong, so you CAN choose to believe, and that change is possible. We are all about loving God and loving people (Mark 12:30-31)." 

Socality Live was a weekend event full of speakers in different forms of media, powerful worship and amazing times of adventure, fellowship and connections with new friends from around the world! 

One of my favorite things from the weekend was hearing Sam Pickens, a pastor from C3 Toronto speak from his heart about love, community and vulnerability. 

Here are a few powerful quotes from this weekend:

“When you get your hands dirty with love, you don’t have time to be critical. You don’t have time to argue about the things that don’t really matter. Love people. Truly love people today.” - @sampicken

"You've got a complaint, make it a cause. You've got a problem, make it a purpose." - Sam Picken

On Sunday, the last day of the event, we all piled in buses and drove to the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park for a day of adventure and connection.

Here are some of the best shots I was able to take from the day! 

Throughout the weekend I met some amazing new friends, experienced amazing God led speakers and worship, and left inspired to follow God's calling and build a community centered around Him. 

To see more shots from the weekend and all of my adventures, check me out on Instagram, username is @caleb_troy

First Shoot with 50mm 1.8 Lens Featuring Casey

Over the weekend I was able to shoot with and then purchase a 50mm 1.8 lens. I am so pumped to have it, and on Friday I went for a little walk with my friend Casey, who is featured in the shots below. 

Turns out there was poison ivy somewhere on the trails we were walking on and apparently poison ivy likes my face. But thanks to some good ole steroids, its under control. (Thanks Doctor Debbie)

Anyway, here are some shots take with my new favorite lens:

Thanks to Casey for being my model that day, and stay tuned for many more shots with my new lens!

Have an awesome day :)

Groupon Art Print Sale Launches Today

Excited to announce that a selection of my Fine Art Photography and Design is for sale on Groupon for the next 7 days. 

Get them here:

An awesome company I work with called Epic Art organized this sale and I am honored to have my own sale on a site like Groupon!

You can get 17"x25" Art Prints for only $24.99 (originally $59) Saving 58%

  • Unframed giclee art print
  • Archival-quality, acid-free paper
  • Vibrant HDR inks
  • Made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 17"x25

Recent Adventures - March and April

Recently I have been on some great adventures, exploring places with new friends I have met through Instagram.

Getting to meet these new friends and bounce Ideas off each other has been awesome! Each and every one of them has inspired me to push my limits as an artist and see things a bit differently. 

Here are some shots from some of our recent adventures! 

Caulin getting the gram at a meet up down in the Strip District. 

Caulin getting the gram at a meet up down in the Strip District. 

Kristen and her yellow umbrella at the rainy Braddock Instameet. Braddock is an awesome little place that everyone in Pittsburgh should check out

Kristen and her yellow umbrella at the rainy Braddock Instameet. Braddock is an awesome little place that everyone in Pittsburgh should check out

A #wicked_reflection featuring the creator of the hashtag himself, this time at Peters Lake Park

A #wicked_reflection featuring the creator of the hashtag himself, this time at Peters Lake Park

Kate exploring an awesome abandoned stone structure in North Park. 

Kate exploring an awesome abandoned stone structure in North Park. 

& Lastly this is a picture of me taken by mom at Peters Lake Park. We caught an awesome sunset together. 

& Lastly this is a picture of me taken by mom at Peters Lake Park. We caught an awesome sunset together. 

These were just a few of the shots I got at recent meet ups with some awesome people. 

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Hello Everyone!

I am beyond thrilled to have my own .com site up and running!

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To kick off my new website, how about a great piece of Inspiration and Motivation shared with me by my good friend Abby, a Spongebob meme: 


As of today I am all out of bubble gum folks!

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