Socality Live & Banff National Park

This past weekend I had the opportunity to fly to Calgary, AB, Canada and attend Socality Live. 

For those of you wondering what socality is, here is a little snippet from their website:

"Socality is committed to bringing the heartbeat of God to humanity. We all want to be known and loved. Traditionally, the mindset has been that you must believe, then behave in order to belong. However, Socality is bringing it all back to the basics, the central theme of Jesus. We believe that you DO belong, so you CAN choose to believe, and that change is possible. We are all about loving God and loving people (Mark 12:30-31)." 

Socality Live was a weekend event full of speakers in different forms of media, powerful worship and amazing times of adventure, fellowship and connections with new friends from around the world! 

One of my favorite things from the weekend was hearing Sam Pickens, a pastor from C3 Toronto speak from his heart about love, community and vulnerability. 

Here are a few powerful quotes from this weekend:

“When you get your hands dirty with love, you don’t have time to be critical. You don’t have time to argue about the things that don’t really matter. Love people. Truly love people today.” - @sampicken

"You've got a complaint, make it a cause. You've got a problem, make it a purpose." - Sam Picken

On Sunday, the last day of the event, we all piled in buses and drove to the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park for a day of adventure and connection.

Here are some of the best shots I was able to take from the day! 

Throughout the weekend I met some amazing new friends, experienced amazing God led speakers and worship, and left inspired to follow God's calling and build a community centered around Him. 

To see more shots from the weekend and all of my adventures, check me out on Instagram, username is @caleb_troy